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Learn Romanian

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Learn Romanian

Lesson #1: Introduction to Romanian & the Basics

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Disclaimer: This is a work in progress. I am not an expert in speaking Romanian. This guide is an ongoing process to help others as well as myself speak, read and write Romanian. This guide assumes you have a solid foundation of the English language. If you have any corrections, please feel free to email me. Ok, enough with the formalities, let's get going with the basics.

Subject Pronouns

Unfortunately if english is your first language, you've been spoiled with not having to memorize countless verg conjuagtions for the different subject pronouns. The 6 main subject pronouns: I, You, He/She, We, You (plural, which is the same as singular in english), They. Here are the 6 main subject pronouns in Romanian, don't worry about pronunciation yet:

You (pl)Voi
TheyEi(m) /Ele(f)

Now, if we wanted to conjugate an english verb like "to speak", it's very easy once you learn the 6 aforementioned subject pronouns. It would look like the following:

I speak
You speak
He/she speaks
We speak
You speak
They speak

Isn't it amazing how easy that is! The only difference for most english verb conjugations is that we add an "s" at the end of the verb when using the 3rd person, (he/she). Unfortunately in Romanian (and other languages), it's not that simple at all. Here's what conjugating "to speak" in Romanian looks like:

a vorbi
I speakeu vorbesc
You speaktu vorbeşti
He/she speaksel/ea vorbeşte
We speaknoi vorbim
You speakvoi vorbiţi
They speakei/ele vorbesc

So that's how you conjugate a verb. A lot of them follow similar patterns that you will see as you learn more verbs. One general point I will make though is all the conjugations of a verb sound differently. This is important to realize because subject pronouns are actually rarely used in Romanian unless explicitly needed. So if you wanted to say "You speak", it would be "vorbeÛti". You don't even need the subject pronoun in that sentence. If you happened to notice, the conjugation of a vorbi for "I" and "They" is the same. This is one of those situation where it's important to put the subject pronoun in front, for example: "I speak" would be "Eu vorbesc".

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